Radiology Research Projects Page

Several radiologists are ready and willing to work with trainees at most stages of education.  Some of these radiologists are listed below, with summaries of who they have worked with, what the projects entailed, and the ultimate result of the work.

Body Imaging

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Benjamin Spilseth, MD

  • Interests: MRI of prostate and liver
  • Completed Projects:
    • Hoven N (Radiology resident), Spilseth B.  Unusual Cases: Ectopic Pancreatitis. Minnesota Medicine 2014 Oct;97(10):36-7.
  • Ongoing Projects: 
    • MRI characteristics of portal vein thrombosis. Retrospective imaging and chart review project in which the resident is helping to coordinate the chart review, planning, and statistical analysis and potentially the manuscript when complete.
    • Cross-sectional appearance of the liver following pancreatectomy and islet autotransplant. A retrospective review of imaging characteristics in which a resident will be assisting with the IRB process, case collection, chart review, and eventually manuscript writing.

Andrew Taylor, MD

  • Interests: Imaging of the liver, pancreas-especially with MRI ; imaging of the biliary tract and pancreatic duct through various imaging techniques, CT Colonography; resident education.
  • Completed Projects: 
    • Iyer V (Radiology resident), Taylor AJ. IgG4-related disease: an unusual cause of renal masses. Nephrology 2015; 20) :46-47. Guarantor of content, Conducted literature research, Edited manuscript Reviewed manuscript.
    • Rostambeigi N (Radiology resident), Taylor A, Golzarian J, Jensen EH, Pruett TL, Dudeja V, D’Souza D. Impact of MRI versus MDCT on scoring for Milan criteria and liver transplant eligibility. Accepted and In Press AJR
    • Niendorf  E, Spilseth B, Wang X (Transitional year intern),  Taylor A. Contrast Enhanced MRI in the Diagnosis of HCC. Accepted and In Press , Diagnostics,  An Open Access Online Journal.  
    • Jalaeian H (Radiology resident), Taylor A. Accidental foreign body ingestion exposing a colorectal carcinoma. This case report is finished and being submitted.
    • Jones R (Radiology resident), Taylor A, Rostambeigi N (Radiology resident), Spilseth B.  Arterial Phase Ringed morphology of hepatocellular carcinoma on liver MRI. Manuscript in progress.

Tina Sanghvi, MD

  • Interests: Post-treatment imaging of the liver
  • Completed Projects:
  • Ongoing Projects: 
    • Evaluation of liver MRI findings pre and post the recently FDA approved Ledipasvir-Sofosbuvir treatment in patients with Hepatitis C.
    • Radiologic-pathologic correlation after cervical lymph nodes FNA in patients status post thyroidectomy for papillary cancer. Working with Noelle Hoven, radiology resident, Maria Evasovich, surgery, and Lynn Burmeister, endocrinology.



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Alexander McKinney, MD

Interests: Encephalopathies, metabolic disorders of childhood

Completed Projects: 

Ongoing Projects: 

  • MR Perfusion in Adrenoleukodystrophy - John Benson (radiology resident)
  • Gadolinium-based Contrast Agents for medically necessary imaging in Patients with renal insufficiency (no  trainee)
  • CT Perfusion for Detection of Lacunar Infarcts - John Benson, Sam Payabvash (radiology residents)
  • Clinical Decision Support Used for Intravenous Contrast Allergy Premedication - John Benson (radiology resident)
  • Susceptibility-weighted imaging in Evaluation of Acute Toxic Leukoencephalopathy - Shabnam Mortazavi (radiology resident)
  • Utility of Fat-Suppressed, Contrast-Enhanced FLAIR Imaging in Detecting Optic Neuropathy - Kevin Boegel, Andy Tyan, Veena Iyer (radiology residents)
  • Pseudo-leptomeningeal enhancement in children sedated with propofol - Rakhee Gawande (neuroradiology fellow)

David Nascene, MD

Interests: Congenital anomalies of the brain and spine, inherited and metabolic disorders in childhood, particularly Neurofibromatosis Types 1 and 2 and adrenoleukodystrophy.

Completed Projects: 

  • Fanconi Anemia: Correlating CNS Malformations and Genetic Complementation Groups. Johnson-Tesch B (medical student), Gawande R (radiology fellow), MacMillan M, Nascene DR. Pediatric Radiology (accepted for publication)
  • Bilateral persistent fetal vasculature due to a mutation in the Norrie disease protein gene. Payabvash S (radiology resident), Anderson JS (ophthalmologist), Nascene DR. Neuroradiol J. 2015 Dec;28(6):623-627.
  • Intensity of MRI Gadolinium Enhancement in Cerebral Adrenoleukodystrophy: A Biomarker for Inflammation and Predictor of Outcome following Transplantation in Higher Risk Patients. Miller WP, Mantovani LF, Muzic J (Medical Student), Rykken JB, Gawande RS (Neuroradiology Fellow), Lund TC, Shanley RM, Raymond GV, Orchard PJ, Nascene DR. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2015 Oct 1.

Ongoing Projects: Several different projects involving Adrenoleukodystrophy, projects involving mucopolysaccharidoses (Hurler and Sanfilippo syndromes), intracranial hypertension in children, orbital findings in abusive head trauma.

Pediatric Radiology

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Kelly Dietz, MD

Interests: Fetal Imaging, Pediatric Oncologic Imaging

Completed Projects:

  • Incidental maternal findings on fetal MRI. Selwan Abdullah (Graduated University of Minnesota Medical Student, current Radiology Resident – Greater Baltimore Medical Center), Kelly Dietz. Poster - Society for Pediatric Radiology Spring 2014. 
  • Acute Parotitis: ACR case-in-point: July 14, 2015 Bryan Donald (graduated resident, current Breast Imaging fellow), Kelly Dietz 
  • MRI evaluation of intrauterine mass-like lesions in pregnancy. Douglas Martin (current Radiology Resident)
Poster - Society for Pediatric Radiology -  Spring 2015.
  • Imaging evaluation of acute iatrogenic intramural duodenal hematoma after endoscopic biopsy. Richard Jones (Radiology resident), Kelly Dietz
. Poster - Society for Pediatric Radiology Spring 2015

Ongoing Projects: 

  • Flavoring oral contrast for MR Enterography. Megan Duininck (medical student), Kelly Dietz. In progress, planning for poster and manuscript.


Musculoskeletal Radiology

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Jutta Ellermann, MD

Interests: High field MR imaging, MRI of cartilage and bone tumors.

Completed Projects: 

    • T2* relaxation time of acetabular and femoral cartilage with and without intraarticular gadopentetate dimeglumine in patients with femoroacetabular impingement. Nissi MJ, Mortazavi S (Radiology Resident), Hughes J, Morgan P, Ellermann JAJR Am J Roentgenol. 2015 Jun;204(6):W695-700.

Ongoing Projects: