Radiology Research Checklist


Navigating the confusing processes involved with research on human subjects is quite complicated in the modern era.  There is online training for HIPAA to ensure adequate protection of patient information and CITI training to ensure good research practices.  Locally, the IRB (Institutional Review Board) at the University of Minnesota has a lot of paperwork requirements that can be quite confusing.

Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) 

HIPAA training

CITI training (for those with a U of MN email address - *lauches a new window)

  •     Associate your profile with the University of Minnesota
  •     Search for Biomedical Responsible Conduct of Research and complete the modules

EPIC electronic medical record access request webpage (for non-employed researchers)

        - You need the NERS application

IRB forms (link to the IRB site): 

        - For retrospective imaging reviews, you probably need 3 forms:

               - Medical Record Chart Review (expedited)

               - Appendix H - description of how you will deal with private health information

               - Add/Remove/Change Personnel - for any project with more than one person working on it

Research ethics at the University of Minnesota

We are committed to protecting research participants, upholding ethical standards, and improving our practice at every step of our work.

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